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Monday, 13 April 2015

Solo travel - Kyoto

Hey all! I'm back from my first ever overseas solo travel to the land of the rising sun - Japan! I actually just decided to go because of Ingress Anomaly in Kyoto. So here we go!

 First day of arrival is epic with Rong and I exploring the KIX airport for almost an hour. Then we head down to Osaka to dump my luggage in hostel.
I've book a private room in Hotel Toyo and it is really affordable. =D
The cat mascot and Himeji castle mascot
Kansai airport is pretty huge with a lot of stuff to see. haha
First we meet with Yuca and also Hide to have lunch!
And off we went to Kyoto from Osaka. 
 On site visiting each clusters. Walk until my legs cannot move anymore. First day is just flash farm and walking to cluster sites. The city of Kyoto is a beautiful place.
On the second day, Ingress Primary site in Kyoto!

I found Miho running to John Hanke and got the postcard designed by her! =D
C17 team
I was assigned in C17 team as deployer mostly. This is our group photos before anomaly!

Lunch session first

We walked through a lot of beautiful place in Kyoto, a lot of people are sitting by the bank and picnic there. 
Temples in Kyoto
The battle was fierce as we are covered by both blue and green fields from first to third cluster measurement time. 
During the first cluster,the war was pretty hard with a lot of Resistance around our team and we failed to defend the first cluster of portals.

Green Doraemon - captured by ENL for a day. 
Second to Fourth clusters was a lot easier but it still require us to defend as much as possible,
throughout the anomaly the other satellite sites are captured by Resistance and we were worried about the result.
My loot from anomaly

In the end, we won! Enlightened captured Shonin anomaly series 03 just based on Kyoto alone against all 3 satellites and this was impressive! 
with yuca and hide as Malaysia  ENL representative
And we went to a celebration dinner and after that I missed the last train and was stranded 8 stops away from my hotel. It was terrifying at first but I was determined to walked all the way back which according to Google map was 1 hour and 50 minutes away. In the end my battery died and I gave up after 7km and ride a 1400 yen cab back. T_T Only reach hotel at 2am. I'm glad that Japan is so safe to walk even in midnight and there are a lot of people not sleeping even at those hours. 

This will be the first time overseas solo travel log until next blog post for Osaka. hehe. 



  1. So determine to walk back... fuiyoh...lucky Japan is a safe country! Anyway I miss Kyoto look at your pictures!

  2. It must be an eye opening experience for you. :)

  3. yes it was and it's my first time in Japan. =D

  4. That postcard sibeh bergaya lor

    1. yeah because she designed it herself and distribute it for FREE!


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