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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Hanoi 2015 travelogue!

Hello all, this will be my second time to Hanoi, Vietnam. I went there 6 years ago and this city is still as charming as before with the bustling street full of motorbikes, honking and more jams.

We took the earliest and only flight to Hanoi from Kuala Lumpur. First stop is Presidential Palance and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.
This yellow building is the presidential palace that we can only see from far away.
Ho Chi Minh quarters. The queue is long but it's fast actually.
Electric plug on a tree! 

Body of Mr Ho inside. Although the weather was hot, thankfully we have shades tent along the way.
Lunch at Red House. Salad

Rice paper roll
huge prawns
At the Literature Temple entrance

Watch tower I guess?
The temple for Confucianism prayer
Posing =P

With my colleagues Nisa and Floi.
The pond within the Temple.
some back alley with the students' name plate behind
The unique buildings in Hanoi
Our lovely hotel Hanoi Boutique Hotel
Even have snacks but not free ha.
I went on a bicycle trishaw ride and boy it's thrilling to see incoming traffic with the ride

Almost a 15 minutes ride to our dinner restaurant.
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The whole table
We had halal food so a mixture of Malaysian, Arab, Singapore and Vietnamese style food.
Fried popiah!
Fish in sour savoury sauce
Chicken and pineapple.
Beer with my long time Vietnamese friend Duc. 6 years since we last met. =D
Second day 
second day, we went on a cruise to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi. Just road journey will take at least 4 hours then only we reached the pier.
While the ship moves to Ha Long Bay
The Jetty area.
Photo with the captain!

Kissing stone
We now visit the caves in Ha Long Bay with stalactites and stalagmite
They have many shapes of animals with imagination and stories of legends in the cave itself.

Third day
Rainy day today~ We are on the next road trip to Old City - Hoa Lu
After long bus ride on 2nd day, we have another long ride 3-4hours.
Paddy field -This place is also dub as Ha Long Bay on land as it has same hilly features and swamp.
Ice cream on a cold day for Ashley
The old capital of Vietnam - Hoa Lu.
The Entrance to the City.
You can take a photo with this colorfully dressed buffalo for RM2 =P
Entrance to the temple build for the King in Ancient Vietnam
Ancient wall
At the King's temple
River at the Ancient City Hoa Lu. I would recommend people that never been to Hoa Lu to visit because of its history and nice temples.
Lunch - food
After lunch, we went on a boat ride!
The boat ride is at Tam Coc Bich Dong Ninh Binh.
The person that steer the boat row with their feet like cycling.

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This place is like Ha Long bay except that the water is swamp.
Mountains and cliff

This is danger zone of getting ripped off as the sellers will persuade you to buy from them.

Pork rice
Cappucino  - both meals and drinks at Coffee ClubA Hanoi.
Then we went over to Highland coffee for a peak view with nice coffee =D
Jams at roundabout
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Hanoi Beer!!

Time to head home!
Spring roll at airport - rice wrapped.
Fried spring roll

The city of Hanoi is still the same and it's always nice to be back! Total spending is with tour so with spending money is around RM 650 exclude airfare. 



  1. It seems that your trip was so awesome and amazing. The pictures you shared with us described that you will miss this trip. Beautiful pictures. Keep enjoying.


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