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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Taichung travel experience!

This is my third time in Taiwan! This time is a family trip!
Anyway, my itinerary for first 2days are in Taizhong. We travel directly to Taichung from Taoyuan airport and took U bus which cost 180 TWD per person. Do note that they have specific time to depart so we hung out at airport for almost 1 hour before getting on bus.

Around Fengjia night market or street next to the university, you can find food stalls in day or night. As we were hungry, we ordered dumplings and pork rice.
Pork rice
smelly tofu! It's not as stinky and edible, not so great but acceptable =P
Then we went to shop around and these are Taiwan made bags. Afternoon time, not many shops open so we went to sleep in hotel.
Night came, and off we went to eat eat eat. First stop is ice cream!
Really tall ice cream!
It is crowded daily around dinner time.
when in Taiwan, a must try is Taiwan sausages.
This type of sausage is called a mouth full. So you can eat it one go.
Oyster omelette. More of a Teochew style which is juicy and wet.
the sign is really huge and cute. It even sings at certain times and move up and down.
I like their impressive signs for stalls with huge size food.
Really funny chicken leg, it's called golden right leg.
Mini fried crabs - a must try hidden in the corner with the huge moving sign road.
Even had few flavours to choose from.
Out of curiosity, we tried the egg cake with many shapes like gun, bird, chicken, pig and motorcycle.
those egg cake on the stove resting
Inside has no filling so basically egg taste with crispy skin.
German pork knuckles - around here you can actually find food from other countries cooked by local Taiwanese
The end product - yummy juicy meat!
We also ate this huge squid with lemon juice on it! absolutely appetizing.
Cherries which are sour - nice to have fresh cherry after eating so many sweet cherry from birthday cakes.

I have decided to stay 2 nights in Taichung to see what it has to offer, daytime looking for food is really difficult. We then waited for bus and use easycard for free ride within 8km of the city to anywhere.
And so we went to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi for shopping and eating - ate ramen with side dish.
Curry rice
There was also Yayoi Kusama exhibition in the city so it was also advertised in the mall.
Lego version of the landmark in Taiwan
and so we went to art museum to look around.
Not really interesting as it is more to modern art.
And so we went shopping in other area and tried this waffle like snack with many types of fillings.
Night came and we are back to Fengjia night market - Pork chop with Italian dressing (popular according to the boss)
Cheesy chicken chop - really hot inside with cheese flowing out when we eat it.

They also had really cute helmets as majority people are using motorcycle to get around. Overall I would recommend to come to Taichung to shop and eat at night but daytime can go elsewhere for sight seeing as the city is not interesting in daytime.

I stayed in somewhat illegal minshu (privately own not necessary registered as official hotel) The link to Facebook is and it has many themes room. Mine is just normal country side theme as I wanted to fit 5 persons in a room. haha
I like that the security in this place quite good as only guest with key can open the main door. The location wise is really near to FengJia Night market and it is quiet enough to not be disturbed by the crowd below. 
My brother had to sleep on extra bed that was placed on the same spot of the table below the TV. 

 One of the special advantage is that we can shop for sports shoes just below the minshu. xD



  1. I love Taichung Fengjia Night Market. Went Taiwan three times too, this night market I went three times also. Hahaha.. I purposely overnight in Taichung from Kenting and Kaohsiung just to eat and shop at this night market. Love to return again.

    Sherrie, share about the minshu you stayed there.

    1. Got it! I updated the blog post with the accommodation. hehe

  2. Your THIRD time! I've not even been to Taiwan once.. Reading your posts makes me want to go too. Esp to try all the street food.

    1. you should!!! Taiwan is super kid friendly with many activities for little ones to learn and explore! =D I'm actually going for the 4th time like end of this month. haha

  3. next time i wan go tai chung too! didnt have enough time when i went early april this year!

    1. yeah you should cos it's cheaper to shop and eat here than taipei. hehe


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