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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Vistana Kuala Lumpur CNY Yee Sang Dinner Review

End of last month, I was invited to review the CNY Yee Sang Dinner at Vistana Hotel Titiwangsa and it was my first lou sang of 2016! 

The lousang plate after mixing all together. Getting ready our chopsticks to toss! Toss for prosperity! Delicious plate with salmon~ <3
Next we have braised sweet corn soup which is really tasty~
I had 2 servings of soup!
My partner in crime eating - Meri~
Menu for the night!
Next we had fish - deep fried Grouper fish with Thai sauce. Sweet, sour and spicy sauce , perfect to match the fish.
We had musical performances too which is really pleasing to our ears while enjoying our meal.
Next, we had Crispy Roasted Sesame Chicken - I love the texture of the chicken match with the keropok and hot chili sauce.

Hong Kong Style Crispy Prawn with wasabi sauce - the thrilling sensation of eating wasabi and crispy juicy prawns~
With the Masterchef behind all these delicious food!
Braised broccoli and crab meat

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf~ very filling
treasure within~
Dessert time! Glutinous rice ball with ginger tea and red dates
last but not least, deep fried chinese new year cake with yam.
So good for skin, the glutinous rice ball has peanuts inside.
Overall, I find the food and service in Vistana Hotel is really good and location wise also close to Monorail  Titiwangsa.



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