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Saturday, 24 December 2016

I have moved to New Zealand!

I have quit my job at Aviation company to pursue my long time wish to work and holiday at the same time in New Zealand.
This is the first time I flew so far to a developed country outside of Asia. After 13 hours of flight with 1 stopover in Gold Coast included, I arrived in Auckland!

 Using my benefit before I resign to fly with AirAsiaX . hehe

If you wish to apply for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa - please do so in 20th January 10am NZT!
 Maori carvings at the airport arrival.

Tips when arriving in AKL airport - there is only 1 level leading to exit, walk to the far right side when exit if you are expecting someone to fetch you. OR you can get AT hop card at airport itself for bus shuttle to city or to connect with other bus that lead to your hostel or homestay.
 After not sleeping much in the plane - tired looking face.
 I would like to thank my friend Jonathan for fetching me from airport and brought me to night market and park and save for food and shopping!
 New Zealand night market is smaller scale than our Malaysia ones and all located in indoor carpark area. Wide selection of food from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Islanders, Hungarian and many more types of cuisine. Price range from $5 and above.
 Desserts and drinks are also available here with the other side selling clothes and many other items. i only visiting the edible part. XD
 Hungarian bread - I like it - cripy and savoury.

In the end I opt for NZD 9 Hamburger. Really expensive T_T
Korean food that you can choose 2 or 3 dishes with rice and rice noodles
Chop suey - BBQ lamb chop and rice noodles. The portion is huge - enough for 2 to share.
Fresh pacific oysters - squeeze lemon juice on top and eat it raw!
I love the savoury oysters with hint of saltiness from the sea and zesty lemon juice makes the experience rewarding. Finished the whole plate under 20minutes sharing with 2 others.

I've noticed that eating out is pricey with minimum wage enforced here so cost of operation higher thus making food pricey as well. After that I went to Pak n Save for grocery then head to my homestay.

More to come in next post~



  1. Keep writing. I'm following your journey in NZ.

  2. Hi there! I am still thinking if I should quit everything and go to New Zealand. Will follow your blog for more updates!

    1. Come come. You'll appreciate life more when you are here doing hard labour. Worth every penny to come


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