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Saturday, 10 December 2016


We took a train that cost TWD 68 per person from Tainan to Kaohsiung which is really affordable! 
Our train ride of almost 1hour more or less plus waiting time if not mistaken. Anyway it was a smooth ride to the other side. XD
Once we reach our AirBnb stay, we were welcome with this drink. =D

I stayed in Van Gogh room so it was artistic. Breakfast is provided here so we can choose what to eat in the morning.
The only downside is we need to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to the room.
Overall the room is quite spacious.
After checking in, we got hungry and went out to have some food nearby.
Visiting the park with many marine creature statutes . Dophine!
I stayed in 西子湾 so it is near to harbour which we can take ferry to Cijin island.
At nighttime, we went to nearby temple to have night market food.
Had noodles and mix braised pork and egg.
Our place is across the bridge so need to pass by this bridge to get to the other side and to take MRT.
I always buy a can of beer each night to try out. Both are nice and sweet =D
I chose this place due to recommendation by another blogger, so the waitress here is half Malaysian half Taiwanese so she's really nice and even gave us cakes to try. =D
Chocolate cake and cheese cake.
Coffee as well.
The next day, we went to 打狗英国领事馆 Former British Consulate at Takao . Quite a hike as we use the back way from where we stay. 
The view on top is majestic and air is fresh too.
Tickets is needed to enter the museum.

We got coupons from the ticket so we also bought drinks at a discounted price. Rose flower tea.

There is a garden to have high tea too!

We then went down the hill and many statutes demonstrating the olden days of trade.
British was here to trade with the Taiwanese people.
Transport at that time.

Anyone wants some food? XD

There are historical records in the hall and one can see photos and history here.
That's it for 2days in summary in Kaohsiung, more to come in next post! See you then!



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