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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Road trip to Coromandel

Speaking of spontaneous, during Waitangi long weekend,  I went a road trip with homestay mates to Coromandel. First stop is lunch at Hot Water Brewery and co.

4 of us but one was sleeping so first photo taken omitted him XD
Tried their signature beer, sweet scent but no sweetness in taste.
We get to see their brewery openly from the outside.
The environment wise for this place is good and cosy.
First off - burgers!
Mussels with fries - one of their special menu
Buffalo wings
The entire journey from Auckland to Coromandel takes us about 2 1/2 hours. The road is pretty curvy and uphill so careful driving skill is required. =P
Parking at Cathedral Cove is limited so in the end, we opt to park at nearby house carpark for $10.
The view just before we even start to walk to the cove is just magnificent

Nearby islands - someday I want to dive here!

This is the Cathedral cove - takes many years to form underwater.

The beach is the perfect place to picnic, chill or just swim in! Water is cold! 
Recommended to swim here because the waves are not rough.
After 45mins walk per way, we proceed to Hot Water Beach for low tide.
First step is to secure a spot to soak the hot water - we just took over abandoned holes XD
The water is really hot like hot springs type so we just get the sea water to cool down the ones we're in.
The beach is pretty scenic and water is just cold! Mind you, it's summer at the that time too.
Too bad we only get to spend 2 hours here and it started to get high tide after this. 
Didn't get any of my own photo taken because I was wet all the time and too lazy to take out my phone XD

Please remember to bring a pail/bottle so that you can take water from the sea and also for shower in toilet after this. There's only outdoor shower and no water in the toilet for changing.
we end our journey with pizza hut's pizza!



  1. Mussels and fries are two very weird combo. Ha :D

    1. ya so have to quickly eat the fries if not it will become soggy.

  2. spring next to the beach? Wow. this is new.

    1. yeah, just dig the sand up then water that came out will be hot.


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