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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Sydney - short trip!

Before I begin my holidays in New Zealand, I've decided to fly over to Sydney, Australia for a short visit. I just book my tickets 1 month before I decided to go and on impulse! There was a sales on LATAM, so I went ahead and book it for 159NZD! 
 This is the first time in many years since my last experience in full service airlines. I think the facilities was great, a screen to watch movies, TV shows or play games with. I was watching movie the whole flight. They even provide us with free to use earphones.

 I requested for tea and orange juice. Refillable too! You can also drink alcohol on flights. Something I will not experience in local airlines in Malaysia for short flights. hehe

Sydney from above is pretty scenic!

 First thing I did right after landing, get an opal card. Made a huge mistake and took the bus in the wrong direction. Wasted 1 hour before I get on the correct bus.
 By the time I reach Eve's crib, I was famished. Right under her apartment, abundance of restaurants and cafes available. In the end, I chose a Malaysian eatery. Had a Kong Pow Pork rice.
 Went to the harbour by bus to check out ferry and historical buildings.
 I have the best housemate in the world. She lend me her super camera - Sony A6000 to take such beautiful photos. hehe
 Weather in Sydney was warmer than Auckland so I can wear less layers.
 The harbour bridge - so iconic that I didn't walk across it. XP
Ferry terminal - walk past many times but did not found any reason to get on it. haha
 Some random stairs
 Sydney Opera House!

Selfie with the iconic Sydney Opera House.
I was too slow to make it to the other side for the water show then it got cancelled on the next day too. Miss it all. >_<
Went to the wrong side for laser show ,end up having these. XD

Queen Victoria Building - full of shops inside.
Love the vintage exterior
The shops ranges from branded goods to restaurants.
Went to try the famous strawberry watermelon cake.

The most sought after cakes here - Watermelon cake - sold out like hot cakes(literally) after certain hours.
constructions everywhere here for future developments.
Just did lots of walking around city
I was bored because I really didn't know what to do in this city.
The farmers market - everything so cheap compared to NZ. Walk to market like auntie XD
The stuff sold here all from China obviously -bought nothing
Lunch time is here - randomly find a food court to eat
Longest queue - Japanese ramen.
The park is charging a fee to go in - so I passed it and see animals outside instead.
Darling harbour has such a stunning view
How I wish to afford going up the Ferris wheel.
Navy exhibition
Harbours and ports means a lot of ships parks here.

Sydney fish market - all the freshest seafood available here.
I saw many imported seafood from. New Zealand too.

They are alive!
Frozen fresh
Huge crabs

In the end I opt for oysters and prawns. Yum! 
Love the building and weather was amazing

The rest of my days are spent walking around and taking photos here and there

The bird cage represents many birds that used to live in Sydney and can hear bird chirp.
Time for beer after all day walking
Wanted to see the water show but was cancelled due to technical difficulties
Thank you Evie for bring me to a French restaurant
Unique experience and different kind of food and drinks

Sunday Market

Someone performed live, entertaining the market goers.
Tried this burger - yum yum yum!
I spent 2 hours walking from Bondi to the other side but could not complete it in time for dinner back in Bondi. ><
The walk from Bondi beach to

Due to some damages from natural disasters, we had to take a detour via the cemetery and saw this cute bird standing on the statue of Jesus .
Had to use the bench to take this photo - too shy to ask anyone else to take it.
sunset really quick!

Dinner was pasta at famous Italian restaurant

Ice cream for desserts!
My next day was spent going up to Blue mountain to see the Three sisters

So here, I hike a little going around the park
Maybe for 1 hour or so then I went down

I was hungry so I just went and eat at a random fish&chip shop
Hillsong church service! It really feels like a concert during worship and the way they deliver their sermons was very different.
Final day here before the trip to airport - Evie took me to eat dimsum!
The food was delicious and I thank her for her kind hospitality and it was indeed an enjoyable trip to Sydney.
Total spending for this trip is around 600 NZD. Gosh.



  1. This is really a long post. Ha :D I am sure you had a great time.

  2. The food at the French Restaurant looks really unique. :) Are those eggs?

  3. I just want to make it 1 shot post for Sydney. hahaha

  4. I can see you from your pictures you pretty enjoy the trip.


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