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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Rainforest World Music Festival Day 1

This year marks the 21st edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival at Sarawak Cultural Village. Thanks to Sarawak Bloggers and also Sarawak Tourism Board, I have the opportunity to experience this world renown music festival right in Santubong, Sarawak. 
Being a first time goer, I am really excited to see what this festival is all about after hearing so many stories from friends and family. This year they have new attractions and an expanded venue for more activities, entertainment and fun!

Included a pre RWMF dinner the night before
This year's Festival included Damai Central when the 'Big Tent' stage is located for emerging local bands to perform professionally besides the Jungle and Tree stage3 within the main Festival grounds at Sarawak Tourism Board.
 I also joined the DJ set at Escobar in Damai Central introduced by the Festival. This was mainly for adults that were ready to party all night long. It was opened to public after the final performances of thr Festival every night.
 I was late for the first day performances and programs due to work and also hitch a ride with fellow blogger Ida. hehe
 First thing I noticed when I came in was this colorful stalls selling a lot of tie-dye tshirts.
 The decorations at night was just so pretty! FYI, all photos are taken by my phone. =D
 These are the stalls right in front of the Orang Ulu Longhouse. The selections were crazy!
 This is just 1 of the many food&drinks stalls in the Festival inside of Sarawak Cultural Village.
 Yum yum!
 Sago worms! Alive or cooked available for consumption.
 Come and try it the next time you are here in Sarawak, ok?
 I found a unique stall that sells Ice cream that does not make you fat. I like how it was not too sweet yet still satisfy my ice cream cravings.
First performance that I've watched was Djeli Moussa Conde from Guinea. 
 Djeli's unique voice and nimble kora playing is backed by a powerful rhythm section, an urban griot who sings about peace and hope for mankind. (taken from the RWMF guidebook)
 I seriously love the tune and rhythm of Djeli. Makes me want to dance there and then. So that explains all the shaky recording.
Next we have performers from the Solomon Islands - Warato'o 
From a Paradise in the Pacific, this bamboo orchestra makes hammering polyrhythms from log drums, stomping tubes and giant pan pipes. All their instruments are hand-made and their body paint, costumes and dances reflect the Are'are culture they come from. Their tradition stretches back almost 75 generations, and today they mix it with bluesy reggae and rock. (RMWF guidebook)
 I really like their dances and the body paint made them all look like they got six packs! hehe
 After all that partying and dancing, time to take a break at the drinks station at Dewan Lagenda.
 Wines!  My favourite and it reminds me of New Zealand when I actually see Matua from Marlborough.
 I felt like I was transported to Solomon Islands while listening to their music. Just watch my video recordings below.

 Night performances were always at Jungle state or Tree Stage.
 Final performance was at Jungle Stage for all 3 nights.
 Meet Ida - She's a Masters student/MYFM DJ/influncer etc - follow her for more of her pretty photos.
 Another media from RTM that we kept bumping into each other from pre dinner to last day of RWMF. This is just 1st day yo.
 Too happy to have champagne in a cup.
 Last performance of the night - Dona Onete from Brazil.
Sassy Queen of the Amazon, Dona Onete is a one-off. At 80 years old, she is feisty, mischievous and saucy, her wicked lyrics and intoxicating blend of rhythms from Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean creates an octane energy performance on stage.
Carimbos are her trademark - the dance and groove that was the precursor of the lambada. In Brazil, she is a cult figure and an ambassador for the Amazonian culture.
Dona is wheelchair bound but that does not stop her from passionately singing. I love the groove and people are dancing the night away.

This concludes my first night in RWMF (Rainforest World Music Festival) 2018



  1. Everyone seems to have a great time. Wonderful performances. Very organic. :D


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