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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yuan Carnival Kuching Day 2 Part 1

Last Sunday, I went to Yuan Carnival Kuching 2011 organize by NTV7!!! I actually went on the first day but was there too late so all the stalls are closing by then.
Anyway, I get to meet the cast from TimeFM showing on NTV7 every Thursday 11pm and this week is the last episode of the 13 episode shown!!! I'm not equip with any decent camera at that time so I'm using Norman's photos in the meant time. =P I also met a few friends during the carnival and had a decent chat with them.
 These are some of the cast of Time FM.
 During autograph session. As usual Adrian got requested to hug his fans~
Alvin Wong

Halfway during the time when the autograph session is on, Norman, his apprentice and I went around the school to get some snacks! Norman and I even auditioned for NTV7 by reading news in front of a camera. It was a nervous moment for me as I auditioned for English and Mandarin and need to read both script back-to-back! I did misread some part but it was fun being in the spotlight for a few minutes. 
This is the time where they are having fun playing pass the rubber band game with their fans! 
Sexy or not? 
Anyway, I had fun too in the beginning I actually went up to stage to compete with 5 other audience in a drinking water competition with the OneFM DJs Jane, Nicholas and Kyan! I didn't win the first prize but it's a fun experience up there and to see them up close! =P 
Alvin is so dramatic. Funniest actor on stage!
And that's it! My first time going to the Yuan Carnival lasted until 4pm and then I went home then come back later in the evening which I shall tell you in my next post! =D 
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