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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Penang!!!

Wow! Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge is back! This time, Johnnie Walker brings to you a VIP race party for the first time ever in Penang-the land-of-food!.*Excited* I'm sure it's bigger and better than ever! In case you forget all about my previous post about how awesome this party is, read JW Black Circuit lounge.

"JOHNNIE WALKER®, the world’s number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia
will continue the iconic and successful series of glamorous Black Circuit race parties by
launching the first event of its kind in Penang. Exclusively for loyal JOHNNIE WALKER® fans,
aficionados and society high flyers, the BLACK CIRCUIT PENANG will whisk guests into the
luxurious lifestyle of international motorsport on Thursday, August 25th at a secret location to be
revealed only days before the party."
DJ  FM - I wanna watch him spin!
The suspense is still on! Like before and we'll be guessing where is the venue~ It's so exclusive that only invited VIPs will know the venue!  

DJ Teemaree - One of the DJ I'm looking forward to listen to
Check this out:

JOHNNIE WALKER® is offering Malaysian bloggers an exclusive opportunity to be part of the
privileged few to experience the high-flying lifestyle enjoyed by McLaren Mercedes’ Lewis
Hamilton and Jenson Button.
DJ Reeve
Aren't you excited? Time for another party!!! 3 international DJs are here to rock our socks off!
In case you forgot all about my last post, below are some photos to refresh your memory of how awesome the party was back in April!
Back in April, four of us Kuchingnites flew all the way from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur to attend this money-can't-buy exclusive Johnnie Walker Black Circuit lounge party at  Le Marquee @ Palace of Golden Horses Mines. If I were given the chance to attend this exclusive party this time in Penang, I would fly all the way there again!   
I had fun and met many new people and drank Johnnie Walker all night long. Fortunately I don't need to drive home, was staying at the hotel itself thanks to Fahriee and all of you that cares for me during my drunk state *oops* =) I remembered that the music, dances and people are so awesome that night. 
We are having fun! This party is the most memorable party with all my Kuching friends and new friends!

Johnnie Walker® is one of the coolest brand known who cares about our safety. Johnnie Walker is the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005 because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership. That's how both of them come together to organize this superb party!

There are many accidents everyday on the road due to irresponsible drinking and driving, it sadden me every time I read news about them. All these accidents can be avoided if the ones that drink doesn't drive in a drunk/tipsy state.  It is very important to drink responsibly to keep myself and others safe on the road.

DJ Faith - One of the best Female DJ in Malaysia! <3 her mix!
Imagine this: 'You thought that you are the only one driving on the road at wee hours and thinking happily like you own the road but you may not anticipate another driver that is driving dangerously towards you in a drunk state. You tried to avoid him/her but it's too late, crashed and accidents happens. You or your loved ones died right in front of you and you cannot do anything about it.'

If you are the drunk driver, try to imagine the above scenario, that will happen to other road users if you drive irresponsibly. I'm pretty sure that you won't want to kill someone and regret for the rest of your life right?

Johnnie Walker® always encourages people to stay in control,so join me and sign the pact to never drink and drive (!
Johnnie Walker also wrote on responsibility. One of the way to drink and drive responsibly is to bring a non-drinker friend and compensate him/her for not drinking and driving all the ones that drinks home =). "One for all" concept! You can read other tips here!

JOHNNIE WALKER® is offering Malaysian bloggers an exclusive opportunity to be part of the
privileged few to experience the high-flying lifestyle enjoyed by McLaren Mercedes’ Lewis
Hamilton and Jenson Button.

I want to be a part of that lifestyle by drinking and driving responsibly like how McLaren Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button does it. =)

For more information and on how to win those exclusive passes, log on to Johnnie Walker Facebook page now!


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