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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Borneo Colours Mini Blogger contest winner!

I like to thank Borneo Colours and Scuba Junkie for organizing and sponsoring the contest and also thank you to all of you that read my post!
All 736 of you that read my humble post , I'm so happy that I won the prize. Without your support and sharing I won't be able to win it!
By the way if you're wondering what prize did I won: I won a 3days 2 night stay at Mabul Island. Intially I should I go on the 24th Sept but last minute notice and air tickets is not cheap so I opt for gift redemption voucher instead for next visit. Although I can't meet Sarimah Ibrahim but all well~
I'm going for Hennessy Artistry at White Room,KK!  So see you there! =D

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  1. congratz again and enjoy urself there! :D

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  2. @Clevermunkey I'm not going to Mabul this time round. =)

  3. Congratulation cutebun! Glad that you are the winner. Enjoy urself for the Hennessy Artistry. Too bad I'm not in KK

  4. @Cassy Thank you!
    @Diana Diane Teo Thanky you so much and I did enjoy HA!
    @Camy Thank you =D


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