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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Just can't get enough of Lomography deals

Just when you think the Lucky bags deals are great~ now introducing a greater deal on top of the great deal!

Back to school promotion with freebies!!!

9 月的到來,炎夏也都要結束,但也不代表你得把心愛的相機收回你的相機箱呢; 在這星期,凡購物滿 780 HKD / 100 USD 或以上,我們都會送出各 Lomography 精品,讓你能以最 Analogue 的方式開展你的新學年!
The summer heat has melted away to give way for school time! But this does not mean that you should stash away your Lomographic goodies. Start the school year with straight A’s – the analogue way! To break your humdrum routines we’re offering Lomography freebies for online purchases 100 USD / 780 and above!
購物滿 780 HKD / 100 USD:
Orders above00 USD / 780 HKD shall get:
購物滿 1,560 HKD / 200 USD:
Orders above 200 USD / 1,560 HKD shall get:
購物滿 3000HKD / 390USD:
Orders above 390 USD/3000 HKD shall get:
Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:
La Sardina El Capitan
揚帆出海,捕捉最新鮮 analog 魚獲!
Aye, captain! Get fresh with this seafarin' 35mm snapper!
購買 Shop
Lomo LC-A+
Lomography 最受歡迎 35mm 相機
You’ll never go wrong with this iconic 35mm camera!
購買 Shop
Lomo LC-Wide (Pre-order now!)
能以超廣角拍攝出 3 種不同格式 35mm 照片!
Shoot 3 formats in ultra-wide angle!

購買 Shop
La Sardina Deluxe Kit

4款 La Sardina 相機和 Fritz the Blitz 閃光燈,可是你新學年的好玩伴。
Dive into a nautical adventure with the school of fish! Packs all four La Sardina cameras and the Fritz the Blitz flash.

購買 Shop
Diana Deluxe Pack
Because experiments are not just limited to science labs.
購買 Shop
Spinner 360°
一拉一放,和你的同學們拍下 360 全景照吧! Gather your classmates for a 360-degree super-panoramic shot!
購買 Shop

I just stop my buying intention this morning and here I go again~~~ 



  1. so cool. u make me feel like wanna siao for lomography =x


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