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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lucky Bags from!

[Update!] Their price has gone down!
This time the promotion is full of surprises! LUCKY BAG!!! I'm so tempted to buy one! LC-A Russia day might be in the bag too!  

Take Your Lucky Pick!

Take Your Lucky Pick!

A Bag Full of Surprises!

選購福袋的樂趣,正是你發掘出你從沒想過可能發生的驚喜。更有機會贏取 Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day 相機,正是!9月15日前購買 Lomography 福袋 的亞洲客戶,立即自動進入大抽獎,祝你好運。

You never know what you will get in the lucky bag! Buy a Lomography Lucky Bagsand you might win a limited edition Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day camera! Yeap, you heard it right! Expect the unexpected and good luck! Lucky draw valid until 15 Sept, 2011 
Lucky Bag - Small

Ideal for the Lomography newbie! 

US$ 109.23 US$ 87.38

Lomography 新手合用

Lucky Bag - Medium

Reel in analog surprises

US$ 239.10 US$ 191.28

滿袋 analog 驚喜為你送上

Lucky Bag - Large

Somewider-than-wide panorama

US$ 307.43 US$ 245.94


Lucky Bag - X-Large

Endless creative options await you

US$ 481.78


By the way, do check out my Why I must be at Mabul Week 2011 too! ^_^ Enjoy your goodie bag!



  1. I would want, a extra large one... lol

  2. I would like to buy but whats the Currency difference?

  3. @Nikel Go go go get one and be surprised!
    @Soh If you can afford, why not? =)
    @Kyril It depends on the bank you're using to buy =) I always use Maybank credit card so about 3.2 during my last purchase 2months ago. =)


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