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Monday, 5 September 2011

One of Coolest club I've ever joined! SAMS

Let me bring you back to my past. The time when SAMS is the coolest club in my university. SAMS stands for Swinburne Anime and Manga club. Yes, I'm a anime and manga lover =P
Through the club I develop an interest in cosplaying. LOL. My cosplay interest is only for a while so below is my debut cosplay or should I say crossplay. =P
I've join the club since 2007 second half of the year. 
Sorry about the messy hair.LOL
Mio from K-On!
From then on, everything is history. Until I've became the 3rd President of SAMS on 2010.

Throughout the years I've know a lot of friends that likes Anime and Manga as much as I do or even more that me. 

Just Yukata =P @ Anime Gathering 2008
Anime Gathering 2009

CNY visiting @ Swing's home
1st recruitment drive as President. LOL
Even went for a SAMS Training camp
Dango making demo by me with the help of Kimberly too

SAMS booth at Swinburne Carnival

SAMS 4th Anniversary.
Carol - 2nd President, Giuliano vice president 2010, Ian founder - 1st President, Me - president 2010.

That's all folks! My years with SAMS.  Thank you for all the guidance. Arigato Gozaimasu =)

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  1. woots ! Liking the first picture :)

  2. Whoah cool you're the president of the club! :D
    I'm digging the first photo too. Sasuke! xD

  3. @shuwen Thank you =D
    @Oridusartic Yup, I am the president for a term =P. Thank you


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