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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Raya 3rd & 4th day

Raya 3rd day and 4th day!
1st house: Dad's friend place
Nothing much just some curry, roti canai, salted fish? and rice
Spotted a EP-1?  I like the table deco

2nd house, mum's friend house
Nice big field! Creepy upstairs.. 
 I forgot to take photos of food. Had Penang laksa!
1. MX with DSLR!
2. My bro
3. Purple clothes
4. Astro all the way!
Hehe. Cute or not my bro?
Adorable baby girl!

3rd House! Wandy's crib!
Credits to my brother who shoot this =D 
 Introducing Wandy! He's the founder of lomohunter!
Wandy and his camera! 
 He owns more than 20 analogue cameras! He owns few DSLR too! BTW, he's selling his Nikon D300 for 3.5k, anyone interested can PM him at FB!
 I love all the lomowalls at his place. He's about to turn all the walls in his house into lomowall. Lomowall= wall full of analogue printed photos
 He's testing my lego camera. LOL. My bro took this shot. Cool or not? LOL

Kek lapis!

 After hanging out at his crib, it started to rain really heavily so we are going back home!

4th day
Dad's friend's place
Tonight is really simple, gone visiting to a flat at Matang area
I like the prawns! So savoury!

Cakes eaten halfway. hehe



That's how I spent my 3rd and 4th day of Raya! 5th and 6th day post coming soon! =D My raya visiting so long hor? =P



  1. omg the kek lapis wtf..... tempting!!

  2. so many yummy foods!!! :o i dnt get to visit houses for raya cz m not in kk! LOL

  3. @jfook hahaha. many kek lapis. Next post lagi banyak
    @caroline LOL. U ask him in the group then =P . KL no visiting culture hor?

  4. all about food. I hungry. =/

  5. @Shii teck LOL. U can write about food too..haha

  6. Waaaahh.. you also joining in the makan feast !!

    i don't go for visiting this year.. huhuhuhu..

  7. is that kuih momo in the last pic? ahhhhh i want ):


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