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Friday, 10 February 2012

CNY gathering with KK bloggers!

This is my 340th post! XD
Alright, I spent the rest of the Chinese New Year at KK starting from the 9th day. Awesome much? =P

If you want to know more about her then click on!

The first person I met right after coming out from arrival hall is Diana! She fetch me~~ =D 
Diana even gave me gifts from her blog giveaway! I'm so delighted =) You can see the prizes from her blog <3

Then we go for breakfast and ate this noodle at Tanjung Aru area. Yummy! 

Fast forward to the 13th day of CNY, we are gathering at Party Play Lintas for a lunch! 
Mint ice blended as recommended by Mei Tzeu

Mocha Latte - My mum had this. 
Spaghetti - Mei Tzeu's food 
She was digging the egg for me to shoot so can you see it? 

Hayden had Tomyam for lunch and making me hungry now. 

My dessert! Chocolate fondant! <3 chocolates

Tom! We had so much fun joking that day~ 

The chocolate fondant I mess with. hehe

Mei Tzeu and Hayden 

Charlotte - I love to listen to her speak! Always so exciting and fun! 
Go read her blog too, you'll know. 

A little bottle brought by Hayden - Brings back memories to Tom, Charlotte and I. =)
Do you remember this design? hehe refer to Absolute Borneo Ink post

Guess who's waffle dessert is this? 
Yup! It's Hayden's, he can still stuff all the dessert after lunch! 

Girls! Meet Hayden - the handsome guy from land below the wind! 
*psst* He is single so want his number go his blog find. =p

A group photo of us. From left - Hayden, Mei Tzeu, Tom, Sheep, Beverly, Charlotte and yours truly.  

Later on, we move to another venue - Suria KK!
Hayden met with pretty Mandy Nandu. 
Charlotte too at the Borneo Fashion Festival Show. 

We went to yimcha(drink tea) at Le Safran after that!
Hayden was commenting on how similar is all the drinks here in the menu. LOL. 
Creme Brule - We all shared this! 
Some flavours are nicer and some bland but we enjoyed it. 
Lemon Orange juice, anyone? 
This is how excited Mei Tzeu looks when she got hold of the desserts!
Ice blended Mocha - Mei Tzeu's drink 

Next day! We all crash Mei Tzeu's home for Chinese New Year!
We even had high tea at her home and it was great to chat and joke too! 
Meatball! Mei Tzeu's sister. hehe
Beverly - She loves rock climbing and sports! 
Pretty and cute Mei Tzeu
Hayden loves purple. *hint* He's been wearing purple two days straight! 
Mei Tzeu's dad. He was so funny! 
Beverly was showing a photo of someone to Mei Tzeu's dad and he was looking at it seriously and nodded. 
He said: 'Ohhhh~~(in a I know who she is tone) then I don't know'.
We laughed so hard after that! 
Chloe! She's the Young Tourism Ambassador for Sabah! I'm so proud of her. <3

On my last night there, I'm happy that I get to gather with them once more at Upperstar Lintas! <3 
Hayden acting all cool? I took this shot without warning. XD 

Phew~ Finally get to meet Diana second time before coming back to Kuching.
Mei Tzeu was searching for things until I snap her photo. 
So it was 8.30pm and Hayden has Malaysian Delight. Yum yum~ 
Group photo of us! Diana, Hayden, Mei Tzeu and me! 
We second round at Yen Ai and had desserts! 
Jelly and tea? 
We had an informative and fun chatting session and the only time I was using my phone was to check in and check emails. XD 

Hope you enjoyed reading the post! I know it was super long with lots of photos. Gomen >< 
2012 is good to me because I get to meet more awesome bloggers in real life! 



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