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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My first ever monochrome album

Remember the last haul video? I did mention I bought Lady Earl Grey ISO400 film and decided to use it when I'm in KL mostly and when I'm in Kuching as well. 
It is pretty excited to shoot in Black and White because I always think that monochrome photos looks good in digital what more to say on films? 

The results!
I find that Black and white films capture buildings better. 

Abstracts, animals, buildings or street style photography looks good on Black and White!
Cute puppies!

My pet dog - Bong

Pork meat butcher in Hui Sing area

Old shoplots at Satok Wet market


Old court house - Truly a historical building from Brooke era


 The following photos are from Bloggers Lousang gathering time! 
Jun Fook looking good in B&W? 

Female bloggers!

Chutipond, me, Genee

Kian Fai! 

Yeeing, Stephanie, Simon and yours truly

Stephanie, Yeeing, me, Bendan

Ernest & Henry

Chee Ching





Bloggers from my table
From top left: Jiayeen, Choulyew, Richard, Jayren
From left: Henry, Choulyin, Eunice and Simon

I hope you enjoyed the photos. You may view the rest at my album
I figure that flash does not work well in B&W. I'm going to develop my second roll soon! Stay tuned!
I'm so tempted to print the photos out! 
Any constructive comments and dislikes are welcome! Do help me improve! 

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