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Saturday, 25 February 2012

ZenQ in KK

The other day after eating Sang Nyuk Mian at Lintas Square, I decided to pay ZenQ a visit right at the other building at Lintas as well. 
Akiraceo was telling me to look for Ah Bing at ZenQ because he's the boss! XD
Want to know how it taste like? Read on!

Flowers at counter
The taste! The taro balls reminded me of Taipei! I was in Taipei last September and you can read about how awesome it is here. 
I ordered this! The ZenQ Signature and boy! The portion is BIG! 

Fortunately ordered just one bowl because we just ate Sang Nyuk Mian before dessert. 

I love the chewy taro balls, pearls and also cincau! 
The cincau was thinly slice and smooth to eat & swallow. 

I like the font of ZenQ so cute right? 

I'm craving for it now. 

The interior of the place

From the outside

The counter

Random shot of my mum =D

Some of the menu

Whole range of menus!

I enjoyed the dessert very much and hope to visit again soon! 
So when you come over to KK, you can have ZenQ! 



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