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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cha Am Beach side - Analogue style

The other day I mentioned that I need to wait for my films to develop first before showing you the photos. 
I did! and now you can see it! 
If you have not read my post then read it before you come back!
 This is when we are looking for food in the morning. No food along the beach side TwT
Cha-Am beach is actually very clean and full of seashells.
I would love to take them all but too heavy. 
 My brother likes making faces at me when I take photo of him. 

I love the sky that day although it's not really bright and sunny on an evening. 
The reason I'm not using my DSLR is because I'll be near water, too precious to be near water.
 I love the skylight

There's a lot of resort and apartment along the whole beach. 
 I stayed at the middle building. =D Baan Hansa Service Apartment

 Sea turtle laying eggs - human eggs? XD 
 We walked to the other side of the beach
The local is digging for something with her dog - Garfield

 Enjoy right? hehe
 Self portrait time!

 Pool time with my Krab casing
 They jump or about to. 

 Little crab meet my big Krab casing! 
 Titanic! haha
 Everybody smile! 
Jump as high as you can! 
Only manage to took one shot of them on the boat.
They are so afraid and went down from the boat.

 The fishermen's boats

Don't get dizzy viewing all those photos. 
It's amazing how we could communicate with the locals even without knowing their language, body language is enough. 
So view the rest of the photos on my Facebook page Cutebun!

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