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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My KL trip in April!

Yes! I was in KL 2 weeks ago right after my Vietnam trip! 
Just in case you forgot which airline I used XD
So I went and stayed longer because I had an interview to attend to and in the end, it's not my cup of tea. 
Read more after the jump!
For the rest of the day, I set out to meet friends that are in KL.
Starbucks the other day before my flight to Saigon
Right after my interview, I went and meet Choulyin at Westin. 
After Westin, we went to Pavillion to lunch.
Fountain right in front of Pavillion
I was bored after the lunch because Choulyin needs to get back to work and me free to run. XD
So I went up to Tokyo Street - my favourite place to be at in Pavillion
Took photos with huge and cute Lubitel+
You do know how much I love cameras right? Especially when there's an exhibition! 
Diana Mini Rose too in my photobooth list!
Thanks to the guy from The Click Shop that helped me snap the photos. =)

I did helped my mum to buy a pair of Sandal from Hushpuppies. 
After that, I went and took the LRT to Asia Jaya station. 
Thanks to Dennis, I get to eat at The Bee @ Jaya One

Dennis took this - Not bad for a first timer? 
Just to let you know, I don't have flash for my LC-Wide so pictures taken indoor will need steady hands to look good because the shutter will be open much longer than daytime.
My delicious and juicy Hawaiian Burger that I enjoyed and shared with him =) 
I recommend you to order burger instead of hotdogs, at least burger set has both salad and fries.
At least you can eat more variety of food. 
Dennis's food - Hogdog and fries
Too much fries to finish and waiter and waitress there rushing to collect our plates. =.=
That is the end of day 1. (I consider that day 1 because I only get to explore KL on day 2)

Day 2 - Went for Laser Tag  
Caught a hint of Laser Warzone? A double with wondermilk interior
A good day starts with a good breakfast! Wanted to go FatSpoon but it was not open that early. 
Daniel came and fetch me that morning for a wonderful breakfast <3
I love the interior and even spotted a lomowall
Wondermilk is located at PJ and used to sell lomo cams so the scent of lomography still lingers here and there. 
They have a lot of cupcakes and hard to choose just one. 
We are actually the first order! Thank you Daniel for the treat =D 
Self portrait mirror shot
After ordering our food, we proceed to snap all we can around Wondermilk while waiting for Richard and Henry to arrive as well. 
Richard is here and his cupcakes are cute! 
Richard arrived not long after that and we gather our food together to snap! 
Daniel and I had the Burberry cupcake and Chocolate cupcakes.
Richard had Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes. 
From the table
Apparently after I uploaded this photo to Lomography , a lot of people like it!
Daniel is now famous for having his back facing the camera XD
Senget but still look good right? 
I love the bulbs on the ceiling. The blackboard writing menu and the wooden features. 
A lovely place for lolita photoshoot!
My breakfast - Elvis something
Attempted to take a minimalist photo and failed

Angle problem as I recall, Daniel and Richard had a better angle to take photos at that time with lights from their back XD 
Where it all happens!
Was eating at Serdang
Thank you Richard for fetching me to Daniel's house and Daniel for sending me to the airport! 
Nice to meet 2 Daniel that day and Richard too! All 3 of them went for the Energizer night race that day. 

So that concludes my trip to KL!
I love the photos I took this time in this busy city and would love to be back for shopping next time round!
Hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!



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