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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mabul Island - Perfect holiday destination in Malaysia

So last month, I finally went and claimed my long awaited holiday! Destination: Mabul Island! 
To go to Sipadan, the world famous dive site, you gotta stay in Mabul Island first!
The package includes 3Days2Nights accommodation, all meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Dinner), a Discover Scuba Diving experience, and transfers from and to Airport, transfer to and from Mabul Island 8am & 4Pm.
It started with an early morning flight at 7a.m. from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. Only a mere half an hour flight!
KK Airport

Later on we go by car to Semporna for 1 1/2 hours.
At the Port in Semporna Town
When we arrive at the jetty, we took a boat ride to Mabul Island. Scuba Junkie did not provide free ride to the island because we arrived at 10am so we missed the boat to Mabul. We had to took the neighbouring resort's boat and it cost RM52 per person to get there. In total, RM104 was spend on the first day. RM2 is the entry fee paid to the government for locals. International entry fee is RM10 per person.
We hop onto the boat at around 10.30am and arrive at Mabul after an hour plus due to the strong current and wind. The ride was bumpy and wet! It kind of terrifies my mum a little after she woke up from her half an hour nap. We even had life jackets on us throughout the ride for safety purposes.

When we arrive, the beach, sea and sand are welcomming us with joy! Mabul Island is a very beautiful place with minimum pollution and corals all over the sea. The sky and the sea are complimenting each other well in terms of colours. I can see 3 colours from the sea - blue, green and purple. The Staff at Scuba Junkie was warm and friendly thoughout our stay only the boss looked fierce XD

Tadah! We arrive in Mabul!
This is our bed and another single bed beside this bed too
So we checked into the room at 1.30p.m. and the staff are friendly too! We had fish keychains to the room key. =D

The beautiful magnificent beach!

First day was just checking out the beach and other resorts near ours so after that was lunch and dinner buffet style!
The road to Scuba Junkie Jetty!

The resort next to Scuba Junkie's which cost a bomb to stay =X

We strolled around the island and went to the jetty to look around. Lunch was at 1.30pm! So we went to the canteen for a buffet lunch. Most of the customers at Scuba Junkie are foreigners backpackers. Interestingly, they do not serve any seafood as food in the resort because they want sustainable fishing in the area. Eating seafood does not help to preserve the environment. When there is more demand, more supply will be provided by the fishermen. Most fishermen do not comply with the rule and fish more than they should, resulting in damaging the ecosystem. 
That funny stray dog pose for photos with other visitors

So here's the dog that shy from the camera - are all dogs shy? 
Sunset and it's really pretty
Borneo Diver's Beach area

Villagers' homes

However, rubbish filled the other side of the beach =(
Please do keep our beaches clean =)

The jetty cat that lurks around the jetty and watch divers. 

As the night approaches, we went back to have our dinner at 7p.m.

This is the exterior of our room/chalet

We had 1 double bed and 1 single bed in the room and huge bathroom. However, there are no TV in the room so it is suggested that you bring your own laptops or tablet with you as entertainment. Free wifi is available all over the resort but my phone is not able to detect the wifi so I use my own data plan throughout my trip. 
I use the ones on the bed for decorations at the steps

A hammock for us to relax! 

I think we are the only non-divers in the resort because everyone is out during the day and back at lunch time and tea time and spend the rest of the hours in the sea or at other islands. Snorkelling is free around the Scuba Junkie jetty area, the equipment is provided FOC!

They planted plants within tree trunks

Yeah! My first diving experience here!

Today I was scheduled to get my Discover Scuba Diving course! It's a PADI course but I'm not license just certified. My intructor is a lady named Monica and she's really friendly! She taught me how to breathe with the diving equipment. She also taught me how to get water out from the mask if there are leakage so that the seawater would not get to my eyes.
My instructor and me after my second dive
After signing a disclaimer document, we are all set and dive around the jetty area at around 11am. First dive, I was taught practically on how to use the the breather and to get water out of my mask. I also learn how to equalize my ears by pinching my nose and blow out gently while decending. The area I dived in was sandy with fishes and aquatic animals camouflage with the sand. I even brought my Lomography Krab and LC-Wide inside to take photos! So glad no water went in the every dive was facinating! The dive lasted for an hour, I shoot a total of 72 frames! 
It was great fun to discover a whole new world underwater and I even saw 2 turtles!
The underwater world!

2 sea turtles!

All my diving tools except the oxygen tanks on me
One of the thrilling experience about diving is the backwards drop from the boat while holding onto mask and breathing kit. 

The evening scenery

This is where I'm staying!

We have live band all consist of their own staff! 
They are really good too! Scroll to the end to view the video!

The Bar area on the second floor

Pretty cozy with almost all the customers while waiting for dinner

As you can see, most guests are Caucasians.  

Very cute Turtle lamp!

He's having fun on Facebook. 

I like how they practise recycle by cutting bottles into half to be made into cups. 

Squeezel - So cute you want to squeeze it!

Wish I can visit this place soon for another dive!

From one of the floating resorts at Mabul

I love the clear waters at Mabul Island!

That's it! To conclude, the price to dive in Scuba Junkie is 4 times cheaper than those resorts.So do your maths! Check out the rest of the photos at my page! I'll show you photos of resorts around Mabul Island in my next post!

Head to Scuba Junkie's page for more info!
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  1. Great article! I wouldn't fancy that boisterous boat ride to the island - are there no flights? However, the hammock at your chalet is a good addition and I loved those final few pictures of the sea.


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