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Friday, 21 December 2012

My take on MYFM KK Birthday Bash

This is my first time attending MY FM KK Fun together 2nd Birthday Bash.
I attended MY FM Kuching 1st birthday bash last year.
Let's start with the show and cut the writing. 
Min Jun and Gin crossdress on stage for a short sketch. 

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Ah Boy (Yu Tian Long) - Every Wednesday he produce funny jokes on MYFM KK. LOL all the time! 
All three of them makes the crowds laugh a lot! 
Ah Lian (Mei Yan) has arrived! 
Jeff and Jack(ah beng)
After that, crowds are thrilled to have Orang Sabah Style on stage dance the night away. 
They are young, energetic and talented! 
Love their energetic and fun style! Their hair styles are so cool! 
All the MYFM DJ in the house! 
Aric is so handsome! =) He dance really well. 
(I can't really see all his move, I was blocked by tall dudes, why do tall dudes stands in front?) 

Aric and Ah Beng doing Oppa Gangnam Style dance! 
Ah Beng dance surprisingly well! 
Pink - I love her galaxy theme dress. 
She has powerful vocals
Game session with the audience! 
Draw with a marker pen attached to a long stick. Artist have to guess the words on the board. 
Ah Boy's team won! 
张起政 - mellowing the audience

Geradine Gan -she's pretty!

Geradine and 趙潔瑩

Both of them are BFF 
Another round of games. This time is guess the song. 
Star of the night! Jane Huang! 
She sings really well! I'm a fan of her voice since her debut! 
Evan Yo - He's the man that every girls are mad about that night! 
He's cute and cool at the same time. *melts*
Jeng jeng! Meet and Greet! We get to have group photos with all of them! 
Tadah! Just us with artists! =P 

I'm looking forward to next year's awesome performances after getting high on this one. 
I love MYFM KK! 
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