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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

LVE Cafe - Latest Restaurant by Think Tank Creations

LVE Bistro is the latest restaurant at Chaya Hotel Tanjung Aru by Think Tank Creations Group.
I was privilege to sample their newly open bistro! LVE is the name and it stands for Love of Food <3.

Interior of the cafe
 As usual, I'm willing to be your test rat and test out what the cafe have to offer on behalf of all of you =P

Cafe area
This cozy bistro is joining a line-up of other successful F&B outlets run by the group, namely Bella Italia Restaurant, Bomber's Burger, Chiwawa Mexican Food and Catch 22!
The newspapers on the table are meant to be conversation starter on current news or to reuse old newspaper before throwing them away in the waste bin.
The decoration is really cozy
LVE offers an exciting mix of traditional French Bistro cooking blended with the modern world
flavors. The outlet features over 40 items on their menu and some of their signature dishes include
the Crumble Cod Fish, Croustillant Foie Gras, Lamb Leg, and Roast Chicken. The menu also has
an assortment of sandwiches, pizzas and desserts including the Dusted Chocolate Fondant and
Caramelized Banana and Puff Pastry.
I love the artistic touch on LVE 
According to Executive Chef, Gautier Solomon (from France), "I  was born in Normandy and grew 
up around food. My grandmother owned a restaurant and three (3) generations of my family work  
there and that is where I developed my love for food. I've worked in restaurants in France and 
Switzerland, and now am sharing my expertise in European food in Kota Kinabalu."
"I've been in KK for four (4) months now and I love the local people, culture and food especially 
the durian. I decided to join the Think Tank Creations group because it is a Chef driven company 
that priorities good food and service. I want people to enjoy the different style of cooking, great 
atmosphere and just have fun with family and friends."
Games and books 
Travellers can bring in newspaper from other places to LVE and get 10% discount in exchange for the newspaper. You can also bring books and magazines to exchange with any books or magazine on the racks. 

 Now let's go straight to the food review! 
Watermelon Punch - 15 *Refreshing drink*
Lychee Lemonade - 15 *my friend Margaret slurps it down real fast*
Pina Colada - 15 *yummy coconut and pineapple juice*
Japanese Breakfast Set 
 The Japanese Breakfast set is just right for me because I love Japanese food with Unagi and Tamago  in it!
Breakfast: Smoked Salmon 
Croustillant Foie Gras
 The Croustillant is really crispy! 
Crumble Cod Fish baked in a skillet
I like the texture of this dish with peanuts, veggie and cod fish all in one mouth full.
LVE Chopped Vegetable
Asian Chicken Salad
Veggie Patch Pizza
Veggie Falafel Sandwich
 The sauce to dip is delicious, can't stop dipping everything in sight when I was enjoying the dish.
The men behind LVE - Chef Gautier Solomon and Chef Leo

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich
 Sunny side egg in sandwich is just mmmm-delicious!
 Spaghetti with prawn and Italian dressing

Oxtail Ravioli with Seared Scallops

Roast chicken with mash potato - Avocado cream on chicken is just tasty!

Lamb Leg with Polenta

Chocolate Fondant with mint sauce

I love it when the chocolate ooze out of the fondant! Delicious dessert! 

Carmelized Banana & Puff Pastry with Honey & Vanilla Ice Cream - I enjoy eating this dessert

So we end the night with Cappucino after a heavy meal and desserts.
I'll definitely go back to LVE to chill with my friends for games and catching up.

LVE Facebook Page



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