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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Solo Travel - Osaka

Day 3 onwards I'm on my own exploring Osaka. As this was my first time deciding where to go, I decided to just buy a day pass for the subway and go around Umeda, dotonbori and hunt some food along the way. You may read my Kyoto entry here. By the way, I'm staying all 5 days in Hotel Toyo in Osaka. (would have choose to stay in different area to save on transportation)

Food ordered from a machine. 
The cheapest shop to eat is from the shop that has a coupon machine. Oder and pay the food to via the machine, hand the coupon over to the waiter then he/she will serve you once the order is done.
So I went to Umeda area to visit Pokemon Centre! Waterfall that forms words in this department store.
Many many Pikachu here! It's a childhood dream come true! Used to love Pokemon that I played a lot of  Pokemon Nintendo games.
I got myself the train conductor and Pilot Pikachu!
I think I was in the Pokemon Centre for quite a long time thinking which to get.
Dotunbori - Shopping heaven! Was hungry so I just bought whatever food I saw.
I bought a pudding bun - creamy and hot!
Then I went to hunt this Ramen shop with a dragon head.
Delicious pork slice ramen!
I think I'm gonna be hungry at night so I went to family mart for snacks and beer!
Places of attaction around my hotel.
2nd day solo travel! This time I'm going to Osaka Castle!
Sakura trees everywhere and it's absolutely beautiful! Kirei! 

I went to Kuromon market for Unagi Don!
Signature food of Osaka so I anyhow also must buy to try!
The view from Level 7 of Osaka Castle. The city of Osaka!
As souvenir, I got myself Minnie coin of Osaka Castle
Those strawberries are so expensive!!! Pink strawberry juice actually cost 1000YEN! I almost fainted looking at the price alone. In the end I bought normal strawberries.
Japan has nice manhole covers like this Osaka Castle cover.

 As I bought the Osaka 1 Day Travel Pass , I went to Umeda Hep5 to ride on the Ferris wheel for free!

 My monopod really does the job for self photo taking. I'm travelling alone so just a stick with my phone on it to take own photos.
 The Castle area is really big and many places to picnic, too bad I didn't prepare my own bento to picnic here. Tips is to bring own food so can sit in the garden area to watch Sakura Flowers and also eat here. The food in Castle area is expensive!
 Lot of people taking photos of themselves with the flowers.
 The Castle is behind me, now bow to me your Queen =P
 This is a 300 Yen ice cream sold at the entrance of the Castle.
I wish to be there again to see the Sakura. 
After the ferris wheel, I then go to Umeda Sky Tower for this magnificent view.
It's quite a far trip for me to Umeda Sky Tower due to a lot of walking and losing my way.
Walking the whole day is tiring, so when night falls I went to my first Onsen! World Spa near to my hotel area. It's really a whole new experience as we all need to be complete naked in the spa area. That week female was on the Europe floor so all Athens, Greece and ancient historical theme spa makes my first Onsen experience a nice one. There is even an outdoor Onsen where I can see the sky while taking a hot spring bath.
 A simple lunch at Kuromon and last minute shopping for food at Gyumu Supa.
 That's all for my Osaka trip. I used to think Japan is a very expensive country to go to, but after this trip, it's only transportation is one of expensive cost in Japan so need to properly plan the route and get day pass to save money. Food wise, I can take both combini food or restaurant so a mixture of both will be better to save money. =D

Spend list:
Hotel 5days 4 nights = RM55 x 4 = RM220
Food = RM50 x 5 = RM250
Transportation = RM900 went to Kyoto twice so quite expensive.
Flights = RM350
Overall I spent almost RM2000 included all.



  1. Your makeup so cantik!

    I'm still finding the right time (and money lol) to go to Japan. Jealous lah!

    1. Thank you~~ haha. Cold weather is nice with make up on. Can bah..i spent only 2k including all for 5days.. actually can even last 7days one..

  2. I love the Minnie coin you got. Actually I love to collect those kind of coins one. Hehehehe..
    Not just transport, actually food also. Even the ice-cream you bought, 300 yen is like RM9! Price paid for Haagen Danz or Baskin Robbin ice-cream. Hahaha..
    However, I still love Japan! Will be back again for the 4th times xP

    1. I know you collect them. LOL. That's why I made it because you got XD. Ya lor.. the ice cream price shock me a lot.


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