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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Living in New Zealand - so far

Hello! I'm back with a second post! 2016 has been great for me. I hope you all have a great 2017!
First post is here

At the moment I stay in East Tamaki, Auckland which is near to airport area due to the cost of living is cheaper compared to other areas nearer to city -personal opinion only XD.
*please note that photos are not directly related to content 
Lego Christmas tree in Queen street - went out sight seeing 

I have been looking for jobs high and low since I arrived and only manage to work at my third week. I applied the job online directly at the company website and you can also use to search for jobs. Last option will be to contact agent for jobs.
First time celebrate Christmas overseas

You may also stay in accommodation that can recommend jobs.
I even brought physical photos of my BFFs  - don't say I did not miss you ah 

First step before you come to New Zealand is to look for a place to stay. Then open bank account and IRD once you reach here.

My first 2 weeks is just spending money all the way. >_<
At the same time having fun shopping, going out to city via bus and train, BBQ party and also birthday party both on same day.
BBQ party at One Tree Hill 
The park is spacious and great for picnics or BBQ 

Angela's cute dog
Birthday party at my long time schoolmate house - Angela's daughter 2nd birthday

I'm so blessed to have many that helped me along the way.
From pick up at airport, to bring me around Manukau to open a new bank account, I would like to thank Jonathan and Fyin for their generosity even on their busiest time to prepare for wedding. Congratulations too.
Celebrated Eve's birthday on 24th Dec

got a present for Christmas from Santa 

Strawberry salad as my potluck food.

Home stay has nice and friendly people as well that made me feel at home. Currently I'm staying in a 4 person bunk bed room with 2 others. Rental is by week and include all facilities. All Malaysian so I feel like I never left Malaysia =P
my bed space - but now I sleep on the right side XD 

Shopping for groceries normally will be in Pak n Save, Tai Ping or Korean market for me. Although you still have other choices like New World or Countdown.
view from double deck bus

My first job will be at T&G in tomato glasshouses where we do a lot of crop works from planting to picking tomatoes. The company even provide boots for seasonal workers which is great! This job changed the way I see tomatoes as it is not an easy task to plant tomatoes and I have greater appreciation for food. I worked in a more remote area in Tuakau, so everyday we need to bring our own lunch to work.
kimchi fried rice

luncheon meat egg

kimchi hor fun

Lunch time is just 30 minutes here, the quick and easy way is to cook own food, pack it then reheat it at work. I never cooked so much in my life XD - almost everyday for all 3 meals.
We also have smoko(tea/smoke) break every two and half hours of 15 minutes, which I feel that makes time goes faster. My colleagues are mostly Islanders and friendly too.
company provided boots! 

Christmas pack - only half is mine, the rest belongs to my roommates

Glasshouse work - planting on a trolley 
The hardest part of the work is actually just the heat inside and also getting tanned. Sunblock is recommended at all times when you are here. UV rays are much stronger than Malaysia.
Secret santa gift! 

The best part of the job is the way T&G appreciate the staff, I got Christmas pack full of fresh produce on the 5th day of work. We had a Christmas secret santa gift exchange and lunch. Thank you card was given to all staff, handwritten and signed by team leaders as a form of appreciation. I like the work life balance here - everyone starts work on time and leave on time.

After I got myself a job, I got myself a car too via auction end of last month via mega auction. It's my first time to bid in an auction which is thrilling and I learnt to make decisions fast. Second hand cars are affordable here depending on your requirement of the car you want. I got my car from Turners .
Really thankful to have Robert and Jeffrey for their help there too.
Sunny - my very first car! 

When I decided to come to New Zealand, I really have no plans beforehand. I only quit my job on that same night I took my flight. Only looking for accommodation 2 weeks before I depart.
went karaoke on boxing day!
Drinking kaki! Best new bunch of friends! 

I'm glad to have my family supporting me in whatever I do. <3 Also unexpectedly many turn up for my farewell party, I didn't even know I'm popular, LOL. So far this experience changed my perspective in life and learning to be even more independent than before.
I do not regret my decision to quit my job and come over.
Cherry season - ate fresh cherries for the very first time

That's all for now, till next post on my road trip soon!



  1. Your cooking looks very good.

    1. Thank you. Need to improve more. Hehe

  2. you did not bring my physical photo ������


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