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Monday, 23 September 2013

Unforgettable Thailand trip

One of my unforgettable trip last year is a family trip to Bangkok,Thailand. 
This post will cover what I did and ate in Bangkok. XD 
My cute brother
We only arrive in Bangkok in the afternoon from Hua Hin
We went to the Floating Market before checking in to our hotel. Check out the video below.

It's really thrilling to ride on a boat while visiting the market. We would stop at stalls that attracts our attention. We bought souvenirs and can also buy food. We kept on buying Coconut juice to quench our thirst throughout the trip.
Coconut juice
After that, we arrived in Bangkok and checked in. Hunting for dinner is our next quest. We are staying in Silom area so we walked around and found an alley with small stalls and proceed to have our dinner there.

5 of us and my dad ordered all these dishes.
Stir-fry veggie, fried rice, meat and green curry. 
Quite filling for the 5 of us.
Not sure what fruit is this but it's on sale at the fruits stalls
After that dinner, we went on Tuk-tuk to MBK!
Road sign
I love shopping in Thailand especially night markets. Shopping malls is good too with air-cond on a hot day.
Our destination
Our ride 
We saw various souvenirs for sale at the mall ranging from plates, tuk-tuk model, elephants and many more.
Tuk-tuk model & souvenir plates, Elephants. us buying snacks and MBK interior.
We went shopping at the snack shop! Bought a lot of seaweeds! Thai seaweed is delicious!
Faces can be printed inside! 
One unexpected word I saw on a sign was
Wow, I didn't know Thai call this Sarong too.
Creative T-shirts
After walking in the shopping mall, it's time to head outside at the street market!
Orchestra band on the sky bridge
We are off to the night market! Lot's of photos!
Tees, bags, salt&pepper shaker, paintings/photo canvas. 

I really love the colourful and variety of things being on displayed there. If only I have unlimited amount of money to buy them all!
Shoes also got!
Handmade soap
Muay-Thai figures
Home decoration
When I say they sells a lot of T-shirts and creative ones, I meant it! Scroll down!

If you are much older or just want to be trendy, you can opt for beach shirt XD
Hawaii beach wear also got
Just look at the cheeky design inspired by real brands
Bad Bull? Adides? If drunk please send to and Game over! 

I'm amazed by how creative Thais can go, they even made Tuk-tuk figures out of aluminium cans!

A really cool cafe. 

Mess with the magnifying glass 

Look at this Retro Boombox bag! 
Delivery on the head
After all that shopping, we went to explore other parts of the alley and eat supper!
Neon signs

Luxury car spotted!
Our view while eating
We ate at roadside stalls and it was surprisingly good!
We had mixed pork with crispy wanton soup to end the night!

Day 3
We ate our breakfast at a random cafe near our hotel - Rose hotel. So breakfast photos! 
Ice Blended Mocha 
My bro eating his sandwich
After that, we went to my favourite place to shop( love at first sight) Chatucak market!
And the photos of the market is so little because I'm too busy shopping. A lot of things are sold there from antiques to gardening tools and not to forget fashion items!
Exterior of the market
Interior of the market - clothes shop!
Day 4
We went sight-seeing today to the Palace and Wat
Military trucks
The Palace
Roadside stall

Stalls to rent Sarong
Make sure your attire comply with this board. 
I wanted to visit but the dresscode is too troublesome. Rent a sarong to go in is just not worth it so in the end we didn't go in to visit. =/
So we went to have lunch instead near the jetty. 

Our drinks
We had fried rice, pineaple fried rice, and salad with fried prawns.
Here's my brother feeling happy after the meal
Next we went to window shop at the stalls at the jetty before using the ferry to go to Wat Pho.
Hats for the sunny day
Pretty hair accessories - handmade too
Aunty selling street snacks
Thai can anyhow sell things at the street with just a carpet and products. 
We walked around to burn off the calorie from the food and even shopped!
Cute postbox

Roof of the palace
Dried seafood
Massage anyone? 
Wat Pho in a distant
Bridge to the ferry
Waiting area
View from the ferry
It took us 10 minutes or so to get to the other side to visit Wat Pho.
Photo session starts!
Statue and my bro. 
I like the architecture of the place.

One of the prince guarding the entrance
Another prince
Walking through the passage
Creatures of the past

Unique texture of the walls
The Pui siblings XD 
At the steps 
Just look at the beautiful structure
Beauty pageant? 

Our next mission is to climb aka walk to the top! My brother and I walked all the way up while others stay halfway below.
Steep way up!

Both of us on middle top
Pose pose~ 
When the night falls,we search for dinner!Walked around the Silom area and found a really nice hotel.
and we did not eat there.
Fried rice, cockles, egg with oyster and tom yam goong! 
Our dinner is so spicy especially Tom Yam Goong!
Unique dress
We went to walk again after dinner.
Interesting sign
Cute shirt I'm sure you will see this everywhere if you went to Thailand
Pet dinosaur anyone? 
Vendor carving handmade soap into beautiful roses
Open air taxi! 
We bought snacks after all that walking, sausage with rice inside.
My bro says it's yummy! 
Yummy sausage with rice inside
On the last day
Juice for breakfast
Coffee for adults~
We had heavy breakfast XD 

This marks the end of my unforgettable trip to Thailand in 2012! So I hope my unforgettable trip for 2013 will be the trip to Korea with Asian On Air Program 2013! Check out their event page here.



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