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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Raya 5th day and 6th day!!!

My post is lately all about Raya. This Raya is the best Raya because this year I get to visit a lot of Malay friends' home. Yippee!!! All thanks to the passion of analogue photography that brings us together!
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*Warning heavy photos and sorry my page load like snail*

5th day 
Hafeez's house!

This is Hafeez and his Leica!

Yummy beehoon

Keropok leko?


His house deco all flowery~~

Fadhan and his Zenit E

Cute Eve!

Our analogue love <3

Sheila - joined Miss Harvest before! ^_^


Decibel Pixel and his si minah!


I also got Che pau~ haha
It's fun hanging out with a bunch of lomographers/analogue users like myself~hehe

6th day!
Fareeza's home

Kek Lapis!

Super colourful!

Seaweed popiah my fav!

Her house has big mirrors!

Next house Hafriz home!

=O expression

Hafriz and pretty ladies

Fadhan's home next!
Ayam masak merah! Yum!

Curry fish!


Mee Jawa and Penang laksa!


That's how I spend my Raya holidays! A total of six days going out to visiting! 

This is taken by Decibel pixies's Fisheye2 camera! Cool?



  1. nice kek lapis and some curry dishes hehe

    you looks cool on the last photo hehe :P

  2. ah mui's not decibel pixies..ahaha..guess u had too much rendang and kek lapis..ahaha =)

  3. So much food, so nice :) The cakes looks tasty.

  4. that's a lot of good food especially the kuih, white balance a bit off in some pictures. Do more close up shots for the food, or u can just crop them. Less is more :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey


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