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Friday, 6 January 2012

My Taipei Trip Day 6!

Day 1  Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Today is the second last day in Taipei, Taiwan before going back to KK.

Eating place at XiMenDing - The menu sure looks like she wants to kill someone >_<

Went to an evil looking menu shop to eat lunch. That day woke up late and decide to have lunch instead!
By the way, NT 15= RM 1.50. Almost like that the conversion rate.
Step inside the shop you can see
This sign board
Fried dumplings are my favourite and these are the best ones I tried!
3 flavours available - Curry, Original and Carrot. 

Taiwan Beef Noodle
Must eat this before going back! 
This noodle is the drier version with less soup but the taste is still acceptable

Lu Rou Fan - Pork with lou sauce
Taiwanese version is very different from Malaysia one. 
Small bowl with not much meat and mostly lean meat. 
Altogether is still yummy! 

This is where I stayed for the last 7days!

Taiwanese have a lot of adorable pets! They walked their dogs everywhere and everyday!
I go awww~~` So CUTE!

After that heavy lunch and walk abouts, it's Ice-Cream time!
I got myself a triple scoop! Unique taste!

Spotted cosplayers too! Too bad they are there for a short while and I'm fumbling to get camera out!

Next destination, Mirarma. Took MRT over. 
After 2 days using MRT as our main transport, we are using it like we stay there. 
I'm actually the one reading maps and going to places. Not hard at all =)

I go and ask leng lui take photo with me. XD 

Merry Go round! It's located on the 6th floor!

The biggest Ferris Wheel and the main attraction here! 
Too bad it rain shortly and I didn't get to ride it. 

Dinner time! This time it's Korean BBQ place!

炸年糕 - Cha Nian Gao. 
It taste sweeter than spicy. Most probably Taiwanese taste buds for Korean food is different.

As usual, we need to self order then pass the order form to the waitress. 

Jang jang! A whole set of food! 
The kimchi tasted sweet. Not to my liking though. The beef was good and side dishes too!
Both my mum and I ate this too! This is how the nian gao looks like on a plate.

Salted Chicken. Spicy too! See this kind of stall everywhere!

The glasses are expensive! NT500! I didn't buy. LOL
By the way, we're at 师大夜市 - Shi Da Ye Shi. 
This area is more suitable for young people but the shops are not as many compared to other night markets I went. 
I love to shop at night market! You can see many pretty clothes and products on display!
Psst! I bought my expired rare Fuji Film here! There's a camera stall here selling Film SLR from NT2500 and above! Not bad actually considering brands like Canon, Nikon and others.. 

Next, we went to an area where an Art University is and students selling their very own creations! 
I can tell you how creative they are in designing their own clothes, accessories, unique artistic yet practical products! 
The whole area looked like this. With around 10 stalls. I'm not allowed to take photos as restricted by some stalls so these photos are taken far from the stall or taken secretly. *ninja style*

Pet lovers! You must go 'awwww.' So cute! 
They made variety of products based on cute drawings of pets!

I notice that there are a lot of similiar concept shops like 7Eleven like this Family Mart. 
A lot of people goes to mini mart to shop!

7eleven! My favourite shop to go to! I love their bento and cheaper food!
Lastly, a cute doggie to end this post!

I hope you enjoyed my travel post! I will surely blog more about my journey around the world! XD
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