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Thursday, 21 July 2011

21 things I did before turning 22

1. Unofficially graduate and got my very first job few days after my result was published and after 2 interviews.

2. Halfway conquered Borneo highland in jungle trekking. Join my first ever BHR Padawan challenge (jungle trekking). I did not complete the race due to fatigue and time's up! Anyway, I finally had a chance to go to Borneo Highland after so long!

3. Went to China for the very first time! Heard about China since forever and finally get to go on a trip with my best friend!

4. Had lomo outing with Lomohunters Kuching! Meet new friends too!

5. Travel to KL alone and then joined by a few party bunch of friends to attend Johnnie Walker Black Circuit lounge. Here too.

6. Went to my first ever media coverage event, the TLS Summit and met some famous people too!

7. Won too many prizes from Hitz. FM Kuching until I know most of the DJ and cruisers from AMP. Can this be counted?  =P

8. Won a lomography competition and won a Recesky TLR camera! My first ever lomography competition and compete with a whole bunch of people using DSLR against my humble phone camera~

9. Went to a blogference and met Sarawak bloggers for the first time! Sarawak bloggers rocks! In that process I made new blogger friends and we hang out together ever since~ =D

10. I finally drive alone in KK for the first time on 31 Dec 2010! XD Never drove alone before and I manage to find my way too.

11. Meet new bunch of friends~ Amelia's friends to be exact. =D

12. Started aggressively using Twitter. I did register in 2009 but it was left untouch until 2010.

13. Bought a couple of K-ON! nendoroids. Yeah, I'm an Anime Fan!!! X)

14. Bought my first lomography camera~ Diana Mini and got a free action sampler too~~ Now I have a total of 5 cameras~ =P

15. Went to my first ever Dakar Rally and sat 3 times in Pajero sport and Trithon!

16. Participated in the 24 hours Digi Movie Marathon and lasted 12 hours! XD

17. Vote for the very first time this year for the Sarawak State election! Proud of myself =D

18. Went to fly a kite at waterfront with the AMP people and my cousin too!

19. Won passes to go Flipflops Beach Carnival Kuching 2011 and get to stay with Angel and many fun bunch of people!

20. I get to meet/see famous local celebrities at Yuan Carnival~~

21. I grew a little mature compared to previous years and I shall learn more and be a better person!

That's it! My list of 21 things I did before I turn 22! Some may look similar but it's my list anyway and I cannot think of any more to write currently.

So here's my birthday wishlist:
1. Anything from/for lomography: Cameras, films =P
2. Sereni&Shentel headbands. Hehe~~ I like Bowdown XD
3. DSLR =P *Dad, buy one for me?*
4. A party with lots of friends celebrating for me =D
5. A delicious yummy cake!  



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