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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

October a new beginning

This song inspire me to write a blog post now =)
October is a new beginning for me as my convocation is month end!
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Jan : Finally decided to drive for the very first time alone in KK. LOL. Celebrated my new year's day at KK. Went for a lomo shoot with handphone. lol

Feb: Enjoying my holidays before starting my last semester. Chinese New year this month!

March: Join a Lomography photo competition and I won the 1st prize. Unexpected! Had a chance to ride with Hiroshi Masuoka as the driver to bring us in a thrilling ride for Dakar Rally!

April: Hop on a plane with Kim, Cathelene, Fahriee and Mike just to attend the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge! April is also the month where I got my first ever lomo camera! =)

May: Went to RockEra Digi concert, watch Sarawak Bloggers get their head shaved for Go Bold event and also flew kites with the AMP people! Attended a Sarawak Bloggers talk and learn something to blog better =) First ever lomo outing with lomohunters!

June: First time flew over to China for a vacation thanks to Tze Ting! Hop back to KK again =)

July: My birthday month! Actually I went and join the Padawan Jungle trekking challenge, half way completed 5km! And I got my first job after unofficial graduation too!

August: Went to Yuan Carnival as Media! Get to snap photos up close with local artists! I flew again to KL to attend Guiness Arthur's Day launch while getting a new D7000! Also went to Kuching Festival this year and more and more foreign food!

September: Watch Wilber Pan at Spring, got autograph and a hand shake from him! >_< I also went to Stadium Petra Jaya to watch Nyap Sayop vs Kelantan (My first live football match). The most memorable event was my graduation trip to Taipei with mummy! Not forgetting partying with the hottest Sabahan Bloggers at Hennessy Artistry KK too!

October: This month is filled with hope, expectations and lots of love! Stay tuned for more post! =)



  1. Wah! Not yet end of 2012, but you already summarise your life for the year 2012. And each of the month you got so many interesting events and activities. Next time u come KK, we meet up :)


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