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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Looking back 2012

2013! Hurray and Happy New Year to all my friends and readers(if any). Time to reflect and see what I've done for 2012. I'll do it by month then =)

January - I'm unemployed this month and most time is spend indoors at home. This is the month I actually bought my LC-Wide camera and other stuff from Lomography. This month I also manage to travel to KL for an interview and met a lot of bloggers from KL from here and here.

February - This month I wrote about my trip to Sibu and met Sixthseal aka Huai Bin for the first time and travel around Sibu for few days. CNY was awesome with  Kuching bloggers crashing into each other's houses and also hang out with KK Bloggers. Did a couple of best food in KK namely Sang Nyuk Fan and Sang Nyuk Mian. ZenQ in KK as well. I also explore Carpenter Street with my cousin. My first roll of B&W photos from Lomohunter outing.

more after the jump!

March - Ngiu chap another specialty in KK and Upperstar a local cafe. Waterfront Kuching a romantic stroll. Did a video for a contest of the life in Kuching. Kartello Hello live in Kuching! This is the month I travelled to Bangkok for the first time! Went to Cha Am beach in Thailand.

April - This is the month I finally get to use Instagram! Shoot on film in Thailand as well.This month I went to Ho Chi Minh city for holiday! Day 1 in HCMC & Day 2 HCMC. I went to KL right after my HCMC trip and won a frog in laser tag game

May - Wrote about my  KL trip and did a collage of photos shot there. Attended a cultural show at Basaga. Continue some of my Thailand and Vietnam travelogue. Did a food review for Berrylite Kuching.

June - Another travelogue of Cu Chi Tunnel in HCMC. Hunterloc project with my fellow Kuching lomographers and Melissa as well. Floating market in Thailand. I officially got a job this month and on the job training in Kuching. I also went to Mabul Island for a short trip. 

July - My favourite month of the year. I officially moved to KK this month. HCMC mekong tour. My first food review at Huge Cafe, KK.Supported my cousin at the Carlsberg Diamond Idol competition.

August - My second food review in KK, Miso (Japanese Restaurant).Celebrated Hari Raya in KK, not as happening but still. 

September - I finally met Caroline and Eric and we went to Manukan Island! P14G finally in Sabah.

October - Must try food in Vietnam! CDI2012 finals! Did another street photography at Gaya Street. 

November - My third food review at Ming Hotel! I went to Kuching for a while! Went to Mamutik with Ivan and Rave this month too! Cannot stand the drivers in KK and made a rant post. Grimbergen beer launch in KK! Went to MYFM KK Birthday Bash! Got sponsored to B2.0 social media dialogue.

December - Went to Xplay 2012 at B.E.D and also the wet and wild Corona Extra Beach Party (will update soon). 
That's how I start and end my 2012. I actually slept through 2012 and don't bother countdown to 2013. XD 

2013 resolution:

  1. Blog more
  2. Travel more either local/overseas
  3. Buy an Instant camera.
  4. Do more photography projects
That's all! 



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